7 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

7 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Good Water Quality

We all know that drinking water is a vital part of life. But, we may not be completely familiar with all of the amazing benefits water has to offer. Or, we may not fully appreciate and recognize how essential it is to keep ourselves hydrated.

Not only does water consumption aid in basic functions, but it also has many other overlooked benefits.

Here Are 7 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

  1. It Boosts Your Mood

    When you’re dehydrated, it throws off the dopamine and serotonin balance in your brain. These are the natural chemicals that regulate mood and emotion. One of the easiest ways to increase your mood is by drinking a glass of pure, filtered water.

  2. It Prevents Bad Breath

    Drinking water will help keep odor under control by washing away food particles and bacteria, which are the main cause of bad breath. A bonus is that it prevents dry mouth.

  3. It Helps Soothe and Prevent Backaches

    When you drink water, you replenish your joints, bones, muscles, and more. By staying hydrated you replenish the discs with the proper amount of water to function which reduces the likelihood of developing back pain.

  4. It Regulates Your Body Temperature

    Drinking ice water can reduce body temperature by cooling the body internally. It also prevents dehydration which causes excessive body heat.

  5. It Prevents Cramps

    The most common cause of muscle cramps during sports activity is not getting enough fluids. For women’s menstrual cramps, drinking water can reduce bloating and alleviate pain. Drinking hot water can increase blood flow and relax muscles which lessen cramps caused by uterine contractions.

  6. It Boots Your Immune System

    This one is a bit more obvious than the others. Gut health is crucial for a functional immune system. When you drink enough water, it helps your body pass waste and rid itself of toxins. Staying hydrated is viewed as a preventative type of health maintenance.

  7. It Improves Your Complexion

    Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins and free radicals. This will improve the elasticity, tone, and texture of your skin.

Reap These 7 Benefits and More

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