Kleenatap Filtration Systems

The water supplied by the city varies from area to area. But, no matter how the Municipalities treat your tap water, there are residual chemicals and contaminants left behind. A Kleenatap water filtration system can eliminate all unwanted ccontaminants and provide you with safe, clean drinking water. Let one of our systems do the work – YOUR BODY should NOT be the filter.

Our systems are affordable and inexpensive to run – Imagine less than 25 cents per day for unlimited clean water that is conveniently located at your kitchen sink. No matter if you rent or own, Kleenatap Systems are suited for Apartments, Condos, Homes, Offices, Mobile Homes, RVS and Boats. A Kleenatap system is essential to any household allowing you to match good nutrition with healthy water that is free of chemicals and other pollutants. Use your Kleenatap water to wash your vegetables and fruits, for cooking, and for your morning tea and coffee.Your pets and plants will also love it.

Twin System

This is a 2 stage water filter that is installed under your sink, either for the office or home. It also comes with an attractive, fitted faucet attachment. This separates your normal tap water from your 100% pure drinking water. You have an option to have it connected to your fridge (where possible)

Reverse Osmosis System

This is the best quality water system on the market. Some may know, this is the technology used to make beer on a very grand scale. Only the best will do for the brew. This 4 stage reverse osmosis system is available for residential or office applications. You have an option to have it connected to your fridge (where possible)

Counter Top System

This 2 stage filtration system is designed for our customers who rent their living space. It provides an unlimited supply of kleen water for the whole household. No more worrying about your roommate not refilling the Brita! The system is portable and easy to move. 

Shower Filter

We may think that kleen water is only a necessity for consuming. Well, the water that we bathe in determines the quality of our hair, skin, and health equally. Our bodies absorb 50% of the chlorine from a hot bath or shower. Chlorine damages hair and skin, and can even lead to some fungal infections.


Great way to protect your pipes and appliances like water heater, dishwasher and washing machine. Different mediums can be used to control hardness, chlorine, heavy metals etc. Used for city water and a must for well water.

Dimensions: 23’ x 7.5’ housing Cartridge 20’ x 4.5’ GAC (granular activated carbon) Activated Carbon – Activated carbon is made from carbonaceous material such as coconut, coal and wood.