Well Water

Well water filtration system differ greatly from city water, but the good news it does not have to be complicated and costly. It is suggested to have your well water properly tested every other year  Filters can comprise of different mediums to get the desired results.

Well water as your only source requires 2 filtration systems:

1 For the Whole House 

Sediment/GAC  filter and (UV optional) other mediums for hardness or heavy metals can also be added if needed

2 For your drinking

Reverse Osmosis with UV (recommended)

UV light - Ultraviolet light 

Used when your water has not been treated in any shape or form, like well water, lake or stream water, rain water

The UV light is designed to neutralize or damage the DNA of living microorganisms such as giardia, viruses, and parasites.

Pending usage it is recommended to change the light every 12 months.

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No1 recommendation to include a UV light

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