Reverse Osmosis System & Alkaline Water

This is the best quality water system on the market. Some may know, this is the technology used to make beer on a very grand scale. Only the best will do for the brew. This 4 stage reverse osmosis system is available for residential or office applications. When installed, this system goes under the sink with an elegant faucet installed on the top.

Kleenatap prefers to use an Alkaline post filter to add the essential minerals back into the water.

This Is How It Works:

Stage 1

Removes sediment, dirt, rust, slime, and protects the carbon filter

Stage 2

The activated carbon block removes THMs, chlorine, lead, VOCs, bacteria, pesticides, and herbicides.

Stage 3

Thin-film membrane separates the heavy metals and the extreme dissolved chemicals.

Stage 4

Alkaline filter to increase mineral content and raise the ph level. Option: Carbon filter to polish water for taste.


Kleenatap’s reverse osmosis system comprises of 4 filters for best results.

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