Should You Be Drinking Tap Water?

If you’re like most concerned American citizens, you have googled, “Is my tap water safe to drink?”
The answer is yes and no. Depends who you ask. Tap water alone is not safe. Filtered tap water is the safest, easiest, and most affordable clean-drinking option.

Tap water goes through a complex system of filtration and disinfection before reaching your sink. However, microplastics, pathogens, and other unwanted substances can still be present in the corroded and dilapidated water system in the USA.

So yes, tap water is safe to drink, by using the right filter.

Why You Must Filter Your Tap Water

In 2000, The Environmental Protection Agency set a legal limit for uranium in tap water.

Since then:
The carcinogenic “Erin Brockovich” chemical was found in the tap water of more than 200 million Americans.
The lead-poisoning scandal in Flint, Mich., brought attention to a neurotoxic threat lurking in school drinking fountains from coast to coast.
A national crisis erupted over tap water contaminated with fluorinated “forever chemicals” linked to cancer and reproductive and immune system harm.

But in almost 20 years, the EPA has not added any new contaminants to the toxic chemicals covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Every American, no matter location, class, or status can not be sure whether their tap water is safe to drink. There is disturbing truth found in The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) research that shows when someone drinks a glass of tap water, they are getting an unwanted dose of industrial or agricultural contaminants. These contaminants are linked to some cancers, brain and nervous system damage, fertility problems, and hormone disruptions.

Kleenatap Filtration Systems Are Here To Help

We have two-stage and four-stage systems to ensure the water you put in your body is at its safest and purest form.
Stage 1- removes sediment, dirt, rust, slime, and protects the carbon filter
Stage 2- the activated carbon block removes THMs, chlorine, lead, VOCs, bacteria, pesticides, and herbicides.
Stage 3- a thin film membrane separates heavy metals and the extreme dissolved chemicals
Stage 4- an alkaline filter polishes and adds the essential minerals back into the water for a healthy & amazing taste.

Install a Kleenatap Water Filtration System today for easy and unlimited access to the safest water possible. Take care of your body, mind, family, and environment.

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