I Installed a Water Filtration System and Here's What Happened

Written by Emily Black, Blogger and Happy Kleenatap Customer.

After moving into my new apartment in Denver, Colorado, I noticed my tap water was strange-tasting. This probably had to do with the fact that my last place of residence had a water filtration system. So after weeks of drinking tap water, I became curious about what I was putting into my body.

Here’s what I discovered...

-I was exposing myself to chemicals by drinking tap water, which can lead to a variety of short- and long-term health effects. (EPA)

-Exposure to high doses of chemicals can lead to skin discoloration or more severe problems such as nervous system or organ damage and developmental or reproductive effects. (EPA)

-Cryptosporidium (often referred to as “crypto”) and giardia are microscopic organisms that find their way into Denver’s watershed through the waste of infected animals. (Denverwater.org)

-The water Denver Water provides is lead-free, but some homes are at risk of lead entering the water through their household plumbing or service line. (Denverwater.org)

-Chromium 6 is a highly toxic metal that is not regulated by the EPA. The city of Denver recently detected levels of Chromium 6 above the California Office of Environmental Health (EPA)

-If you are a resident of Denver, Colorado, you may have heard about the recent E.Coli contamination in Englewood’s water supply. Although the water boiling order has been lifted, there are still some concerns between citizens and health officials. According to The CDC, “Denver has seen some improvements in E. coli levels over the past five decades, but Jon Novick says it remains a persistent problem.” (CDC)

Read more about contaminants in tap water: https://kleenatap.com/top-10-contaminants-in-tap-water/

The Before and After

-After Joerg removed the nozzle from the tap, tons of composites and compounds fell out, and some remained in the nozzle. You can see from the image the new Kleenatap nozzle is much cleaner.

-The water pressure did not change a bit, and I was now able to retrieve filtered water at the convenience of my sink.

-The filter is small, yet effective.

-The filter conveniently sits next to the sink.

-I am able to easily take the system with me during any future apartment changes or moves and Kleenatap is able to re-install.

The Before and After (That You Can’t See)

-The filter provided much tastier water.

-The filtered water makes much better tea and coffee.

-The filter has eliminated any risk of unwanted impurities.

-I can now effectively wash my fruits and veggies without the presence of chemical compounds.

-The filter will last a year without any maintenance.

-We are now an eco-friendly household and my roommate no longer has to lug bottled water up to our second story apartment.

-I will be saving money with this system. I no longer have to invest in a brita, filter changes, or any other unnecessary and less efficient product.

The Shower Head Filter

In addition to my sink, I also had a filter installed in my shower.

We may think that clean water is only a necessity for consumption, but the water that we bathe in determines the quality of our hair, skin, and health equally. Our bodies absorb 50% of the chlorine from a hot bath or shower. Chlorine damages hair and skin, and can even lead to some fungal infections. Minerals left behind from hard water cause buildup, lifeless hair, and other issues. The Kleenatap Shower Filter has shown to eliminate chlorine, mold, fungi, and algae to protect me.

If you’re interested in a Kleenatap filtration system, check out the products here: https://kleenatap.com/products/all-products/

With over 24 5-star reviews on Google, and many more elsewhere, I’m very glad that I chose Kleenatap for my water filtration service provider!

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