I Have Discovered the Fountain of Youth

Ah, Yes, The Fountain of Youth…

… a mythical spring that restores the youth of those who drink or bathe in its waters. Tales of such fountain have been recounted around the world for thousands of years. Resistance towards aging has been a common conundrum for humans since the beginning of time. The inevitable marching timeline of human mortality is sometimes hard to accept when thinking about the grand scheme of things.

In fact, a recent survey conducted online found that 87% of Americans have at least one fear when they think about getting old.
Source: https://www.pfizer.com

So there is no wonder why there is an endless and ongoing search for the fountain of youth, metaphorically speaking. Our anti-aging pursuit through serums, stem-cell therapy, surgeries, and other expensive and consuming processes is no longer needed. I’m here to tell you looking and feeling younger is much more simple and achievable than you may think.

I Can Offer You the Most Underrated Anti-Aging Formula:

Filtered water.

Yes. That’s right. By drinking and using purified water, you introduce incredible anti-aging benefits to your body such as...

1. Hydrated Skin

By drinking ample amounts of filtered water every day you tighten your skin and maintain a healthy glow. This aids in the removal and prevention of undesired wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. Skin appearance is one of the first signs of aging, clean water can help.

2. Hair Growth

Drinking water triggers the circulatory system and improves hair follicle stimulation. This enhances hair growth. Hair is another early giveaway sign of aging.

3. The Removal of Toxins

Clean water flushes out harmful toxins in the body. Toxins are the main culprit in speeding up the aging of the body and mind. Toxins bog down our energy and cause illness and diseases. Environmental toxins include pesticides, herbicides, lead, volatile organic compounds, and more.

Now, I want to emphasize CLEAN water. It is imperative that we use filtered water to efficiently flush the toxins and keep hydrated. The water supplied by the city varies in every area from block to block. No matter how the Municipalities treat your tap water, there is still an abundance of unwanted chemicals. And that’s exactly what you want to stray away from. When you install a Kleenatap Water Filtration System, you eliminate the left-behind chlorine, dirt particles, volatile compounds, and much more. Thus, giving you the clean water you need to detoxify effectively.

4. A Balanced pH

It is important to maintain a good pH balance inside and out. Pure water has the correct pH balance to give you healthy, youthful skin. So, washing your face thoroughly with clean water will help maintain the correct pH balance. Drinking the recommended amount of pure water will help keep your body’s pH levels balanced.

5. Boost Elasticity

If you lack skin elasticity, you are probably dehydrated. To check your skin’s elasticity, gently pinch your skin and observe if it “bounces back.” If it doesn’t bounce back, you should hydrate with water to plump up your cells and increase elasticity. Dark or sunken under-eyes are common for those who are dehydrated as well.

6. Protect Your Overall Health

Last but not least, purified water will ensure that your body is functioning properly. Drinking water supports a healthy lifestyle by preventing fatigue and boosting mental and physical energy. Water flushes toxins, keeping organs healthy, aids in digestion, and SO much more. Pure water is vital for brain and body health.

The bottom line is…

Filtered water is the closest thing to The Fountain of Youth. As with all aspects of health and wellbeing, the key to anti-aging is a long-term and sustainable approach. By drinking and using clean water daily, you are supporting your body- inside and out.

Install a Kleenatap Water Filtration System today for easy and unlimited access to the safest water possible. Take care of your body, mind, family, and environment.

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