DIY Water Filter

Have You Considered Filtering Your Own Water?

If you don’t know by now, unfiltered tap water and bottled water can harm your health. If you don’t know, you can read more about that here:

But, for now, let’s focus on how you can protect your body and the planet by filtering your water. A water filter acts as a barrier that prevents contaminants and other harmful chemicals from entering your body. They all serve the same purpose, but some work better than others. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, or just want one for your home or apartment, here is a great DIY water filter for you to consider…

The Bio Filter

What You’ll Need:

  • a screen ($7-$20)
  • hole saw ($13-$50)
  • activated charcoal ($10-$20)
  • gravel ($5-$30)
  • plastic plumbing fittings (about $10)
  • fine sand ($4-$10)
  • small rocks ($9-$50)
  • cloth ($4-$7)
  • rubber band ($1)
  • a five gallon water jug ($6-$10)

Time To Make: about an hour
Cost To Make: ($59-$208)

To Do:

  • Cover the “bottom” (where the clean water will funnel out) with a screen and a cloth and secure with a rubber band. You may consider rigging a plumbing fixture to the bottom for a smoother transition.
  • Turn the gallon container upside down and cut a whole at the “top” to pour in contents.
  • Layer the activated charcoal
  • Layer the fine sand
  • Layer the small rocks
  • Layer the fine sand
  • Layer the small rocks
  • Place a container underneath the 5 gallon jug to collect the clean water
  • Make sure the jug and container underneath are secure to prevent spillage and water damage to surrounding area


  • All material should be clean and store-bought, not found from the ground.
  • The material you use will determine the quality of the water filtering
  • The water should only be ran through the system once
  • Do not leave the water standing for too long because it may collect bacteria

Not Down For the Hassle of DIY?

Our filtration systems are affordable and inexpensive to run – Imagine less than 25 cents per day for unlimited clean water that is conveniently located at your kitchen sink. It is cheaper, more effective, and more convenient than single-use plastic water bottles and other filtration systems.

No matter if you rent or own, Kleenatap Systems are suited for Apartments, Condos, Homes, Offices, Mobile Homes, Campers/RVs, and Boats.

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