5 Barista-Approved Tips for Making the Best Coffee Ever

5 Barista-Approved Tips for Making the Best Coffee Ever

Ah, yes, coffee.

This beautiful little beverage has the power to increase energy levels, help you burn fat, fight depression, provide your body with antioxidants, and more. Not only does it have positive effects on the mind and body (in moderation), but it’s delicious! No wonder why it is one of the most popular beverages in America. This article is for my fellow coffee aficionados looking to brew the perfect cup of joe.

    1. Use Whole Beans and a Coffee Grinder
      Whole bean coffee keeps its freshness and flavor longer. Once the coffee beans are ground up, the essential oils begin evaporating and the coffee loses its freshness, scent, and flavor. When using pre-ground coffee, there is a sense of ease and convenience, but you sacrifice the amazing taste and crispness of a whole-bean brew.
    1. Store Your Coffee Properly.
      This means you must…

      Avoid heat and sunlight.
      If your bean container is next to the stove or in direct sunlight, you may lose a day or two of peak freshness from the extra heat

      Keep it in an airtight, dark container.
      This will ensure freshness.

      Avoid steam and moisture.
      Moisture is one of coffee’s biggest enemies. It can turn your beans bad quickly and dull the taste.

      Do not store it in the fridge or the freezer.
      Since coffee is a deodorizer, it will absorb the aromas in your fridge and have a negative impact on the taste. The freezer will create too much moisture in the package.

    2. Clean Your Coffee Maker.
      It’s highly suggested that you clean your coffee maker at least once a month. Everytime you brew coffee the debris from the beans and the hard water and lime deposits build up. It’s very important that you “descale” your machine. This means repairing the damage from hard water. Hard water has a higher mineral content (calcium, magnesium, and limestone) compared to soft water. These minerals build up over time in your coffee maker, in your sink’s sprayer, in your dishwasher, and more. It’s even possible that the buildup can ruin your appliances over time.

      You can descale your coffee maker with water and distilled white vinegar. First, clean the grounds out of the chamber. Make the cleaning solution with equal parts vinegar and water. Pour it into the water chamber at full capacity. Then, brew halfway, let it sit for an hour, and then finish the brew cycle. After this is all completed, run water through the machine multiple times to rid it of the lingering vinegar smell/flavor.

      Another option is to install a soft-water filtration system into your home. Click here to see Kleenatap’s soft water system.

    3. Use Filtered Water.
      Considering the fact that coffee is 98 percent water, it stands to reason that the type of water you use to brew your java will have a large impact on the overall taste of the finished product. This goes back to the hard water issue, along with impurities in the tap water, the unsatisfying taste, and more. By using filtered water in your morning brew, you can ensure lower levels of chlorine, phosphate, arsenic, and other unwanted compounds. The simplest and most cost-effective way to filter your water at home is a filtration system. Click here to see Kleenatap’s affordable and efficient filtration systems.
  1. Drink it Mindfully.
    Mindful drinking is the practice of being aware of why and how much java you drink. Not only does it help with moderation, it improves feelings of pleasure and focus.

    Here’s how to drink a cup of coffee mindfully:
    -Focus on the sensations arising from your coffee. Is the mug warm? Can you smell anything? Is it steaming? How does the coffee feel in your hand?
    -When you take a sip, pay attention to the taste and aroma.
    -As you swallow, feel the warm liquid move from your mouth to your belly.
    -Take a deep breath every so often and reflect on the day ahead.

    As you can see, there are many easy and affordable ways to make a delicious, high-quality cup of joe. Debatably, the most important is the quality of water you are using. This is not only important for warm beverages such as coffee and tea, but also cooking, drinking, washing, etc.

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