Kleenatap’s water purification systems are designed to handle most water conditions.

We are specialize in the Residential and small business arena. The water supplied by the city varies from area to area and no matter how the Municipalities treat your tap water,a Kleenatap water filtration system can eliminate unwanted chemicals, such as chlorine, dirt particles and volatile compounds etc.

The human body is not designed to handle all of those chemicals found in our tap water today.

Let a Kleenatap filtration system take care of it – YOU do not need to be the filter.

Our systems are affordable and inexpensive to run – Imagine less than 25 cents per day for unlimited clean water that is conveniently located at your kitchen sink. No matter if you own or rent.

There is no need to buy expensive bottled water that is heavy to carry and might not be as healthy as you may think.

Kleenatap has a choice of systems. Let our experienced staff show you how you can get a Kleenatap system today. Please call us on 720 545 1145 or contact us by email.


Countertop unit attaches to the existing kitchen faucet


Elegant faucet with system under the sink

carbon block filter

high quality carbon block filter to remove the chemicals

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