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Ben & Family, BroomfieldBen & Family, Broomfield
Kleenatap is awesome and thanks to Joerg who showed us how affordable the water filter systems really are. We used to drink from our fridge filter and still used the tap water - not anymore. Highly recommend it to anyone.
Shirley and Steve, WestminsterShirley and Steve, Westminster
Thank you Kleenatap for the wonderful filter system and thank for going the extra mile to assist with our new faucet, we love it.
Carmen Tillow, ArvadaCarmen Tillow, Arvada
Yo soy una amante de los animales. No tuve la bendición de tener hijos pero sí tengo 2 bellos pastor alemán, un gato y un hámster. Ellos son mis bebes y siempre les compro lo mejor. El agua es tan importante para el ser humano que ahora mis bebes gozan de agua pura y fresca gracias a Kleenatap.
Sergio Menoza, DenverSergio Menoza, Denver
Increíble, realmente no me había dado cuenta de cuanto dinero gastaba comprando botellas con agua cada semana. Siempre pensé que debía tomar agua de botella porque era mejor hasta que un día me recomendaron Kleenatap. No solo me ayudaron a cuidar mi bolsillo, si no que el agua sabe más limpia y rica. Gracias.
Susan Burke, WestminsterSusan Burke, Westminster
We always bought our water and still my kids never drank enough. Now with our Kleenatap system they always ask for water. Thank you for changing my kids habits.
Joanne Best, DenverJoanne Best, Denver
Since I had Kleenatap installed I noticed I am drinking lot more water. Feel great and save quite a bit of money along the way. Highly recommend Kleenatap!

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Qualified plumbers in different neighborhoods are needed to fill the ongoing demand. Insured and licensed are a must.  Call us at 720 545 1145
Enthusiastic people who like to join our Sales Team. No experience needed, but can be a plus. Call us at 720 545 1145

Q and A

I rent, can I get a Kleenatap system?

Yes, Kleenatap has systems that fit onto the kitchen faucet and can be moved to the next home.

How does the water purification system work?

All water purification systems work on the principle of using some form of filter (also called cartridges). These cartridges are responsible removing the chemicals form our tap water. Kleenatap has a pre-sediment filter which is designed to absorb the rust, dirt, algae and other undissolved particles. Carbon filters are usually the second stage and their role is to remove chlorine, chloroform, herbicides, pesticides and trihalomethanes among other things.

How often do the filters need to be changed?

Typically filters have a certain capacity of water flow before they become ineffective. Kleenatap recommends the filters to be changed annually, given the average family size of 4 persons.

If I move what happens to my Kleenatap system?

All our systems can be removed and re-installed at your new location.

Where does the system fit?

For people who own their home we install the system by our licensed plumbers under the sink and fit a separate tap on the kitchen sink. The separate tap ensures you do not confuse your water for consumption, like cooking, washing vegetables and drinking from your normal tap water.
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